My name is Marcus Small, Smallman as I was growing up and I use it as my handle online today. I live in sunny Brisbane a beautiful part of the Australian east coast. I am a financial modeller and VBA developer with an ANU Masters degree in Finance. I lived in the UK for about a decade working at the Big 4 for some years, then in Banking for the last few years, before returning to Aus. I work happily in the city of BrisVegas these days. I have a training business which has blossomed and I am the preferred Excel trainer for CPA Australia. This is a huge undertaking and I am on the road more than I am home at times - I readily go on road shows and conduct face to face Training on all things Excel, VBA and the Microsoft suite of Power BI tools. I conduct a CPA Australia webinar series which has been most successful and is entering its fourth year. This is a very competitive space and named this site in the top 10 Excel blogs in the world. I am humbled and ever so proud.

A few years ago I decided to start giving some of my knowledge back to online communities.  I chose Ozgrid as I thought if I was going to start somewhere it may as well be with what in my opinion was the best online forum.  After only a few short months I found something that I had only ever known in theory, in giving, you receive!!!!! It sounds like a cliché but by posting on forums like Ozgrid you benefit in many ways. Firstly, you are helping out other individuals, not just the person asking the question but the dozens of people standing behind them looking for the same or similar solutions in future.  Secondly, you get to see how other people approach problems from different angles. Quite often I think ‘that can’t be done’ and there is someone chiming in proving me oh so wrong!!! Thirdly, if you read thousands of posts, after a while even a thick skull like mine will start to absorb some of it.  Which leads to my last point, by participating in forums you stay fresh!!! So it is all good!

Dave Hawley was kind enough to put me forward as an MVP on his site after only a few months and I was made an OzMVP on Ozgrid.  This was an honour which I treasure dearly and will always be grateful to Dave and the team at Ozgrid.  More recently I have started to help out on the Chandoo Forum.  I have found that experience to be a wonderful one on the whole with a different community of users and some genuine talent running the show.  The kind people at Chandoo forum were nice enough to invite me into the moderation team, an Excel Ninja (term used for Chandoo moderators) which was a genuine honour.

Take heart as I have made a lot of mistakes in my time as a modeller and VBA developer which I have learned from, (I'm still learning).  I hope to transpose that knowledge on the pages of my website so it is easy for people to follow, understand and most importantly duplicate.  Hopefully you too can chillax (my word for relax) while the systems do the work for you.

All the very best

Marcus Small

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