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Excel Webcasts

Learn to use Microsoft's behemoth spreadsheet software to create robust, elegant and stunningly beautiful Excel files.  These courses will take you through best practice and you will navigate to the completion of some truly amazing files.  Aquire the knowledge you so richly deserve by investing in yourself, you will never regret the investment.

Learn how to create stunning Excel dashboards that are pliable, dynamic and easy to reproduce.  Have your colleagues asking 'how did you make that'.  This course takes you through all you need to know to make beautiful Excel dashboards from start to finish.  Below is just a sample click through to see the full Excel output form your learning  - Learn More


Infographics has grown in importance in the business environment.  One of the most powerful aspects of an infographic is to help readers understand and quickly absorb information.  In this webcast you will learn how to structure and present data so it tells a story quickly and easily.  Learn More

Infographics in Excel Course

This Power Pivot course is designed to show you the process form start to finish and end with some stunning Excel outputs.   

The webinar will show delegates how to set up and use Excel’s Power Pivot (an Excel add-in) to connect to your enterprise databases, analyze data, create advanced reports & prepare dashboards right from familiar interface of Excel


Introduction to Power Pivot - what it is and how to use it effectively

Setting up Power pivot on your computer.

Loading, linking and updating data in the power pivot environment.

Create a Power Pivot report, how to set it up.

Power Pivot formulas & Data Analysis Expressions (DAX - the formula language for Power Pivot).

Excel Power Pivot Course

Generate a summary of financial data using Power BI.  Create trend analysis based on large datasets and create discrete summaries in minutes not hours.  Find out how to manage and manipulate data with this easy to use and highly powerful application.

· Load datasets which would have been impossible in a normal Excel environment

· Generate time sensitive DAX formulation which will help you compare year on year data.

· Report on Actual year to date, plan YTD and prior YTD seamlessly. 

· Learn functions available to shape, form, or otherwise analyze your data.

 A dashboard exclusively designed in Power BI, course will run through build from start to finish.

A dashboard exclusively designed in Power BI, course will run through build from start to finish.

A practical approach to designing scalable, flexible and reusable forecasting models. During the webinar we will create a complete forecasting model in Excel and specifically consider: 

• Building assumptions to generate what if scenarios.

• Generating a predictive P&L template in a format which can be easily consolidated.

• The model will be interactive to allow for what if analysis during Budget presentation meetings.

Fin Modelling1.PNG

An Introduction to VBA


Learn the most important lines of code from an analyst’s perspective.  Learn how to automate repetitive tasks with the use of VBA.  Move away for the macro recorder with some simple lines of code to automate your spreadsheets.  


• Referring to sheets to avoid errors in a change of sheet name (few programmers follow these simple rules).

• Trapping a changing range (dynamic range), copy this moving range to a new location (paste values, paste formatting, paste everything).

• Using SpecialCells to isolate and manipulate like information (delete, highlight or copy this data).

• Using find and replace with VBA to locate and change data.


Filtering, Sorting and Consolidation Using VBA

This webinar will simplify typical VBA code for the financial analyst.  All coding will be achieved in as little lines as possible.


• Filter to isolate data, filter by colour, filter on multiple conditions.

• Sorting data efficiently, linking the range to a chart so it cascades and presents well.

• Using the advanced filter to create child sheets from a master data set.

• Consolidate a workbook, bring a group of templates into a consolidation sheet and have calculations summarise the data.  Automate the process so it picks any new information.


Looping and Working with VBA Change Events


This webinar takes users through some more advanced techniques in the VBA language.  Looping, creating If statements and change events to manage information.


Looping constructs – how to loop through a range of cells efficiently, how to perform the same macro a specified number of times.

How to loop through sheets and manipulate and cleanse your data to save time.

Change events to trigger a macro when a cell or group of cells change.

• Creating IF statements in VBA to trigger an event.

Excel VBA Course