My name is Marcus Small, Smallman as I was growing up and I use it as my handle online today. I live in sunny Brisbane, a beautiful part of the Australian east coast. I am a financial modeller and VBA developer with an ANU Masters degree in Finance. I lived in the UK for about a decade working at the Big 4 for some years, then in Banking for the last few years, before returning to Aus. I work happily in the city of BrisVegas these days. I have a training business which has blossomed and I am the preferred Excel trainer for CPA Australia. This is a huge undertaking and I am on the road more than I am home at times - I readily go on road shows and conduct face to face Training on all things Excel, VBA and the Microsoft suite of Power BI tools.

The Excel space is very competitive and named this site in the top 10 Excel blogs in the world. I am humbled and ever so proud of my website.

In the past I have moderated both Ozgrid and Chandoo Excel forums. It was a period when I was time rich and helped thousands of individuals through online forums. Through this experience I found something that I had only ever known in theory, in giving, you receive! It sounds like a cliché but it is so true.  You get more by giving to people than what you give to them.  Try it – the world will be better for it. Little by little it will become a better place.

Now days I focus my attention on training accountants on how to use Excel better through financial modelling, dashboard design, VBA and the effective use of the power suite of Microsoft Excel tools.  It is a lot of fun and I am energised by the experience. I am very lucky to do what I do and have found my passion in life.  The pages on this site are the result – enjoy.


All the very best

Marcus Small