Financial Modelling

In my travels I have seen very few well designed financial models. Like the Yetti and our very own Tazzie Tiger these sightings are few and far between and have been missing in recent years.

Very early on in my work life a kind hearted Auditor sat me down while I was working for the Big 4 and he gave me a lesson in financial model design.  I remember not understanding a great deal of that lesson at the time, just enough to realise the importance of good spreadsheet design.  In years to come the words I picked up and the words I had thought I had long forgotten came back to me, mostly when I broke one of the rules which this kind hearted man laid out for me.  Solid spreadsheet design is the foundation of Excel development.  A strong design will optimise everything about your file, reducing formula length and the use of vba in many cases.  The following articles are some guidelines and useful tools in the creation of spreadsheets.  The financial model design is a cut down and readable version of a file which could run into hundreds of pages.  The rules contained within the file are important to follow if you want to create robust Excel files.