Financial Modelling & Advanced Financial Modelling Using Excel

In 2016 I will be travelling to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and teaching in Brisbane on behalf of the ACCA.  The following are the dates and locations.

  • Advanced Financial Modelling - Brisbane (19 May)
  • Financial Modelling - Sydney (25 May 2016)
  • Financial Modelling - Melbourne (26 May 2016)
  • Financial Modelling - Perth  (10 August 2016)

Looking forward to present my take on financial modelling for the ACCA.

Dashboard Design Course


In 2015 I will be travelling to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland on behalf of the ACCA.    I will be conducting a Dashboard course which is designed to be part theory with a major practical element so students will need a laptop (tablets will not suffice).

  • Melbourne (13 May 2015)
  • Sydney  (21 May 2015)
  • Perth  (10 June 2015)
  • Auckland  (13 August 2015)

Creating Dynamic, Vibrant Dashboards in Excel


The creation of dashboards is a topical issue in finance at the moment as the world moves towards the ultimate one pager to assess the health of a business.  With the large amount of data available, a well built and designed dashboard reports is one of the best ways to interpret and communicate large quantities of information in a small space.
 This Excel dashboard course will cover some basic design techniques you can apply in Excel to make visually stunning Excel dashboards that will have your colleagues impressed.  Learn how to rearrange data into a clear and concise framework, summarise it into a meaningful format, and then display the summary into easy-to-read tables and charts.
We will create a fully interactive dashboard which is easy on the eye, containing 2 tables, 5 charts and over 130 different views of the data with the assistance of a custom function and a slicer.

The course materials include a 30+ page course text and a set of files which includes the sample versions and worked versions of the course files, as well as a number of reference documents, and a set of links to other useful resources including relevant dashboards from


Anyone who has to design and build dashboard reporting for decision making will gain a wealth of knowledge on report layout and adding flexibility to Excel models as we build on some sound Excel development techniques.