Convert Number to Words in Excel

The following Excel procedure turns numbers into the numerical words associated with those numbers.  The procedure is good for decimal currencies where it simply requires you to change the symbol in the formula depending on the currency you are using.   I did not create the following and I do not know where I picked it up.

I have adapted and added to the code from Ozgrid's site here, at the time it was only able to produce in One Currency (US/Australian)

The procedure was adapted so it can incorporate different denominations.  

In an excel cell you simply put the following where A12 contains the number you want to convert to words.

For US and Australian

=ConvertCurrencyToEnglish($A12, "Dollars", "Cents") 

For British Currency.  

=ConvertCurrencyToEnglish($A12, "Pounds", "Pence") 

So you refer to the cell with the Value in it then start with the larger currency in Words eg dollars, then the smaller currency eg cents.  It will accept which ever currency as long as it follows the methodology in the table below.

The following Excel file show the VBA procedure to achieve the task.