HR Excel Dashboard

The following Human Resources (HR) Excel dashboard shows key metrics of a typical company.  The data is not real but these are the sort of items a company might want to report against.  The HR Dashboard has options for region (country) and department which are chosen from a couple of combo boxes.   three choices in the combo box besides the Map, population, Employment and Income and each has its own colour scheme.

For a listing of all Excel Dashboards on the visit this link.  There are more Excel files than you will be able to view!!

Smallman Dashboards

The following is the file which contains the above excel HR dashboard with its supporting data.  It is an Excel macro enabled workbook and to see the above and its full workings you will need Excel 2010.  Please NOTE: This file is uploaded with a third party app as its format is XLSM, some firewalls prevent access.