Insert Picture with Excel VBA

This article explains how to insert a picture automatically with Excel VBA. In the Top 10 Dashboard you can see how to insert a picture without VBA.  The pictures are stored in the Excel file.  This may not always be possible, perhaps you have 100s of pictures that you want to store.  Size can be a bit of a problem in Excel after a while.  The following article will focus on how you can have a list of pictures in a dedicated folder and as you type the name of that picture in Excel the picture will appear in the spreadsheet.  It is a pretty cool Excel trick with VBA and could be quite useful to show descriptive information.  It took me some considerable time to solve this problem the first time I attempted this.  From memory someone posted the question on Ozgrid and I provided an answer.  From memory the person could not see the pictures and I imagine that will be the case when you open the Excel file at the base of the page.  Be patient.  The pictures and the drive need to be exact and the picture names in your file need to exactly match the names in Excel.  I suggest you create a list of all of the pictures you want included so the names exactly match the picture names in the folder.

I have set this procedure up so as you type values into Cells A10 to A20 the picture will be deleted in Column B and the new picture will be inserted and resized.  

You can see from the above that I have four pictures which I am referring to, the exact names of these pictures are;

  • NoGo
  • XingPing
  • Excel1
  • StansDad

The picture names are exact and they are in the following folder;


A new picture will be imported as you type a name in Column A.  You can create your own folder and have your own picture names.  As I said earlier when you open the folder you won't see the above pictures as you can't access my C drive but I promise you that if you create an exact drive name with some random pictures of the same name they will appear in the file.

The following is the Excel VBA code to run the procedure.

Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Excel VBA procedure to incorporate Pictures from folder.
Dim rng As Range
Set rng=Application.Intersect(Range("A10:A20"), Target.Cells(1, 1))
If rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
GetPicture rng
End Sub

Sub GetPicture(r As Range)
Dim fName As String
Dim s As String

fName="C:\Users\HYMC\Pictures\" & r & ".jpg" 'Change to suit.
s="B" & r.Row
r.RowHeight=75 'pixels
On Error Resume Next
ActiveSheet.Pictures(s).Delete 'Delete the picture
Set pic=ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(fName)
On Error GoTo 0
If Not IsEmpty(pic) Then
With pic 'Resize the picture with VBA
End With
End If
End Sub

The VBA program runs automatically when the designated cells change (A10:A20).
The following is the Excel file but do change the file path for the pictures and do change the names to reflect pictures in your folder