Operational Dashboard Report

The Operational Dashboard report in Excel is a look at annual revenue, expense and volume data from an operational perspective.  It features a number of sparklines and some neat conditional formatting with Excel shapes to generate a one pager with a lot of relevant data.  The dashboard is from a banking perspective but could be manipulated to include just about any data set or organisational type.  The option buttons on the top left of the dashboard help to 'spin' the report by region.  It is a reasonably common way to generate a summary in Excel and in this instance it uses little space and can be hidden nicely.  I hope you enjoy the dashboard.

All metrics on the Operational report will change with the clicking of the option or radio buttons at the top.  Structuring your raw data is the most important element in making a dashboard update seamlessly.  It is all down hills skiing after this point. 

There are many other Excel Dashboard reports of a similar quality on thesmallman.com.  The following is a link the the little booty of Excel Dashboard offerings.

TheSmallman Dashboards

The following is the Excel Operational Dashboard.  

Operational Dashboard Report