Annual Overview Excel Dashboard

The Excel dashboard is another dashboard which draws on the rollover cell method on  The Excel rollover technique in combinartion with dashboards is a simple concept which has far reaching implications for interactive Excel dashboards.  The years on the right of the dashboard are interactive and as your mouse rolls over these cells the whole dashboard will change to reflect the data in that particular year.  Conditional formatting is used heavily to highlight the active year and the numerical tables.  While the dashboard has quite a bit of information I ran out of fresh ideas in the right bottom so put the social media symbols for that particular section, kind of works though.  There is a drop down on the right to choose region and there is a dropdown in the web tracking section to choose the country statistics.

For a listing of all Excel Dashboards on the visit this link.  There are more Excel files than you will be able to view!!

Smallman Dashboards

The attached file is the Excel dashboard.  The file is in XL 2010 so to see the full features of this dashboard you will need that version of Excel or later.  Please NOTE: This file is uploaded with a third party app as its format is XLSM, some firewalls prevent access.