Add Unique Rank in Excel Based on Condition

Rank Excel data and cope with tie data using Excel formula.  While designing the Excel Dashboards on the site, I realised I needed to rank information which was more complex than using Excel's built in Rank function.  I needed to rank based on conditions and I needed this rank to be unique.  Which meant having a ranking of 1 given to different regions or departments and not duplicating a ranking if there was a tie.  The following Excel formula will Rank based on 1 condition.


The following is the result of the formula.

Here is some example raw data where there are multiple conditions which need to be ranked in order of the condition. For example, The First Region is Europe, Europe contains some countries which need to be ranked in order of the figures associated with them. The Excel formula ranks all of the regions in accordance to their ranking within the region. The Excel file attached show the workings of the above example.