Rollover Excel Dashboard

A Rollover Dashboard where you mouse over a particular cell and the charts and tables in the dashboard change.  This Excel dashboard draws on the article on Chart Hyperlinks which details how to change a chart by rolling over a particular cell.  It is a really cool technique which has far reaching implications especially in the creation of Excel dashboards such as the following.  I have shown a couple of concepts for a dashboard however there will be many many more.


For a listing of all Excel Dashboards on the visit this link.  There are more Excel files than you will be able to view!!

Smallman Dashboards

The above is the main page of the Excel dashboard.  The lines in blue represent the rows which have been last rolled over.  The second table on the right has the header FY 14 highlighted, there is a rollover event for this section too.  So if you roll the mouse over FY 10 for example the pie charts on the right will change too.  The two charts at the bottom of the dashboard will change as you rollover the table measures.  This is a cool interactive way to run an Excel dashboard and I will be creating many more like this one.