Toggle Chart Using An Excel Slicer

The following chart is the result of the blog post.  It displays a chart based on the selection from a slicer.  It is run by a worksheet change event which toggles between a Stacked Bar chart and a 2D Column chart.

Excel VBA Slicer Selection

The attached Excel VBA example shows how to toggle the stacked bar chart show to a regular 2D chart.  

Filter Source Data with an Excel Slicer

In the second in the series of blog articles on filtering slicers I have created a file which will filter a source dataset by the item highlighted in an Excel slicer.  It is a very handy technique if you want to control your source data through a slicer and not just the pivot table which sits behind it.  Please NOTE: This file is uploaded with a third party app as its format is XLSM, some firewalls prevent access.