Revenue KPI Dashboard

This KPI Report is an update to one of the original dashboards on the site.  I have reworked the dashboard and added additional features to fit inside a single page.  The toggle at the top right of the report allows the user to spin the information by year which will change all of the data within the display.  It is a functional report which displays a lot of information about various groups within an organisation in a small amount of space.  I went to some effort to spin my verticle bullet charts into a horizontal variety.  The bullet charts required the addition of an XY Scatter chart to add the target value.  I will write an article on the experence and share the technique. 

At my goal is a simple - provide weapons grade excel dashboards which are highly effective at displaying and conveying a meaningful message. There are lots more dashboard resources at  TheSmallman Dashboard  section.  Something for everyone I hope.  Actual Excel file is a different colour  : )


Revenue and Expense KPI Dashboard