Road Traffic Statistics in Excel

While going through some road traffic information on the Department of Transport's website it occurred to me that the data was perfect to create a dashboard.  It was information rich and there were very little gaps in the data.  I decided to use quite a few pictures in conjunction with the charts to try and spice them up.  I have used actual data but had to ‘normalise’ some of the data as there were a few gaps. 

I find it curious that someone can pass on in an accident and there would ever be a situation where age or gender would be information which was not gathered.  So I have filled those gaps minor as they were.  There is 15 years’ worth of data but the dashboard shows 14 years as I need I year for comparison.  In case someone choses the year 2000 and I have not got 1999 for example.  I believe this analysis could have gone back a further 20 years.  So if anyone is doing some analysis on road statistics this would be a starting point. 

I have picked out information I think is most relevant.  Apart from gender the dashboard is only set up to summarise a single year at a time.  Perhaps my next project would be to set up a dashboard which shows multiple states by multiple years. 


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