Excel Dashboard Reports and Courses

Finally I have completed a broad range of new Excel Dashboards.  It has taken me most of the month to create and distribute my Excel Dashboard works.  Firstly I put my ideas on paper by drawing up a sketch of what I a want to achieve, usually with pictures either from my library of material or a concept I want to make with a chart.  Then I go about putting the raw data together building the calculation tables and specifically designing the spreadsheet so that whatever I want the dashboard to ‘spin’ on I include this metric through ALL of my formulation.  It can be a long and drawn out task but when I get to the end and I have stunningly beautiful models like the following I am usually well pleased and ready to tap my creative skills to make bigger and better Excel dashboards in the future.

The following are a selection of my premium Excel dashboards which are available on my Eloquens channel. These are the most advanced Excel Dashboards I have created to date. Enjoy!!!

Human Resources Dashboard
Whole of Organisation Dashboard
Sales Dashboard in Excel
Balanced Scorecard Dashboard Excel

Eloquens Channel

There are plenty more Excel Dashboards on my Dashboard page for free download.  Smallman Excel Dashboards