Excel Now Has 3D Pictures

Excel now has moveable changeable 3D image library just for you!!!  If you are using the subscription version of Excel you now have access to 3D shapes. and best of all you can move them to the angle you wish them to be in. The library is quite extensive with images grouped into categories.

To access the shapes click on the Insert Menu.

eXCEL 3d image

On the Insert Menu choose 3D models – from Online Source.  This will give you access to Microsoft’s online 3D library. The following is what the file looks like with a 3D spinning option.


The image can be moved in any direction, the spinning tool above is very intuitive and easy to use.

Here are the results from some playing with the above image.

Excel 3d library

You can see how the images are different.  There is a large range of images in the library. 

Excel image library 3d

From an infographics perspective I wish this feature was available when I was building the infographics section of this website.  There is so much awesome content. Have a play around with them.  It is a lot of fun!!!