Read Individual Columns to an Array

In Excel VBA as I have shown previously you can push data between 2 or more arrays.  There have been a glut of examples on this website where I have moved data from one array to another.  There have even been examples where I have moved only certain columns into a single array.  The following method with you the INDEX formula within VBA to move data from one array to another but only move the columns which are specified.  With the following method of the 6 column array (Cols A – F) only columns A, C and E will be moved from the first variant, to the second variant.

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Copy Multiple Sheets with VBA

I was asked during a webinar recently how you send multiple worksheets to a new workbook in a batch.  I was pretty sure this information would be on my site but a quick search of my site did not reveal any joy.

I put together a simple file which sends an output sheet and two source data sheets to a directory saves it then starts the process again after changing a unique identifier.  The process is a little more in-depth than sending just one sheet but there is not a great deal more code involved.

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