Evaluate with Excel to Extract Sequence

Use the Evaluate function in Excel to populate a cell from a number sequence.

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Excel Copying Variable Columns with Array

My tassie friend Valario asked another interesting and engaging question.  The question came from the blog post ‘Read Individual Columns to An Array’.  The design of the code was a little bit static so Valerio’s question was as follows.

Another question just to ruin your night!

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Evaluate and Filter Part 2

This post is a follow up from the blog post earlier in the month on Filtering without a filter.  It is an alternative to the autofilter method I have outlined extensively.  The post focuses on filtering out more than one criteria and putting the results in a fresh sheet.  To do so we use the evaluate method.  This is relatively complex, however if we break down what needs to change we can significantly simplify the process.

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