Open Excel Update File

At times you may wish to open a workbook, add a couple of items from the workbook you are working in to a list and close the workbook.  This type of update might be done on a specific set of cells and the results are added to the bottom of a list in a destination workbook.

Let's say we have data in Cells B10:B11 and we want to update our master workbook.

In cell B9 I have a path:

B9 = D:\Example1.xlsx

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Copy Multiple Sheets with VBA

I was asked during a webinar recently how you send multiple worksheets to a new workbook in a batch.  I was pretty sure this information would be on my site but a quick search of my site did not reveal any joy.

I put together a simple file which sends an output sheet and two source data sheets to a directory saves it then starts the process again after changing a unique identifier.  The process is a little more in-depth than sending just one sheet but there is not a great deal more code involved.

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