Jump Directly to a Cell with Formula

I was involved in a post to trace the precedents and dependents of a cell.  My answer while accurate was a bit long winded as it turns out (happens more often than I like to admit).  Here is a link to the thread on the Chandoo forum. Chandoo Jump to Cell Thread 

The question was along the lines of how do I jump directly to a cell with formula? I was all about the “click on Formula - Trace Precedents - then click OK and it jumps to the sheet and cell which the formula references.” 

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A Dynamic Pareto Chart in Excel

A Pareto chart in Excel is a chart which is made up of a column chart and a line chart to show a cumulative position.  This is often a good chart to show an 80 20 scenario, where 80 % of the costs are achieved by 20% of the cost drivers.  The chart can be created by segmenting the the data into cost drivers or buckets.  If your business expenses were allocated into the following buckets:

  • Staff

  • Building

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Rates

  • Entertainment

  • Marketing

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