Range Areas in Excel with VBA

Trap a range area with VBA and loop to next range area.  This little used Excel VBA technique is awesome and a real win when you learn the mechanics of it.

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Excel Copying Variable Columns with Array

My tassie friend Valario asked another interesting and engaging question.  The question came from the blog post ‘Read Individual Columns to An Array’.  The design of the code was a little bit static so Valerio’s question was as follows.

Another question just to ruin your night!

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Union An Excel Range and Transpose

I was asked by a colleague to transpose a range in blocks of 5 from horizontal to vertical.  The data was arranged in 7 columns but he wanted the data split into from tabular data to headings on the vertical and the body text going across the columns.  Each block of data was colour coded and this colour scheme was meant to be kept in the output page.  It is an interesting problem and I decided to include a union range so I could include the header row (giving meaning to the data) each time a block of 5 rows was copied and transposed to the new sheet.

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