Format Chart Numbers as Thousands or Millions

Recently I have been creating some comparison charts (prior year agains projections) and usually the numbers in my tables have been in a format which would suit.  In this recent project though the data was in large whole numbers and I wanted to format this into a chart so it appeared as millions.  In order to get from whole numbers to millions I had to work with the number format in what was a slightly unintuitive way and I hope by sharing this that I save you some time in the process.

The data originally looked like the following.

The chart is a bit cluttered as the numbers take up a large portion of the chart.  I wanted labels in millions as it is space wise more economical.

These are the steps to achieve the result.

If your chart has labels Right click on the label.

Choose Format Data labels.

On the Number format Choose Custom from the drop down.

Type the number format shown above; 0.0,," m"

That should solve the problem.